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    From the daily archives: Tuesday, November 2, 2010

    I secured my first Thriver story today.  My wonderful postman, Douglas, has agreed to tell me his story so I can post it as my first Thriver Profile.  My plan is to present these profiles of real people beating cancer on a regular basis, around once every two weeks for awhile.  I have at least twenty people on my list!

    Douglas and I were talking today about what a morass the internet is when you’re newly diagnosed.  There is so much information, and a lot of it is very valuable.  Some of it is contradictory.  Some of it is outdated and scary.  I suspect a lot of us, like my friend Douglas, will flail around out there for a couple of weeks and then “just put it away”.

    I want to offer something different here.  For every cancer, there is somebody who has prevailed against it, and it is those people that cancer patients need to know about!  If you’ve just been diagnosed with colon cancer, Douglas’s story will give you hope.  If you’ve been diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer, read my story and take heart, because that is why I tell it.  If you are facing Ovarian Cancer, then you can be uplifted by my Aunt Joan’s story and my freind Avis’s story, if they will let me tell them.  I haven’t asked yet!  :)  These two amazing women have both conquered two separate cancer diagnoses.

    I know people who have faced and prevailed against colon cancer, throat cancer, Lymphoma, and Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I know people who were diagnosed at Stage Four and today are cancer free.  I also know people who are in remission and going about their lives, coexisting peaceably with their metastatic cancer. A friend of mine has a brother who has survived over 15 years after a belated diagnosis of Breast Cancer.  All of these people are on my list, and if they say yes, you will read their stories.

    As this site develops, I am getting a clearer and clearer idea of what I want it to be.  This is a place to find tools you can get your hands on with great strength, tools and inspiration to keep your chin up.  Sometimes keeping your chin up is the most important, and maybe the only thing you can really do today.  I’ve had plenty of days like that!

    You don’t have to have cancer in your present, future or history to welcome a boost of some kind.  I hope anyone who wants one can find it here.

    Second thing:  I need to adjust my tagline.  I don’t want just “resources for during and after cancer”.  What can I add to this line that expresses what I’m really doing here?

    Please, comment away, I need your input!

    P.S.  Are you seeing popups on this page?  I you are, I am going to kick some —.  I hate popups and I am getting them on my admin page.  Please let me know!

    P.P.S.  I just updated “my story” with photos.  It’s kind of a long story….

    Some days are just like that.

    Today I accompanied a dear friend and her husband to her first appointment with her oncologist.  They have been married for fifty five years.  She has Stage I lung cancer.

    It was a hard afternoon.  One of the rotten things that cancer patients have to accept is that the treatments are usually hard, and the good (#@&!!!) part about getting it when you’re young is that the treatments can be more bearable and less dangerous.

    I remember when I was going through it and I was told untold times, “stay positive!”

    Rubbish.  What does “stay positive” mean?  If it means smiling all the time and caring for everybody else, forget it.  What it means for me is to feel everything, make it as comfortable as I possibly can, and not fall prey to helplessness or hopelessness.  Stay positive for me means be real, and have people around that are totally ok with that.

    A friend of mine wore a “chemo whore” t-shirt.  Her husband wore one too!

    I wore my “cancer sucks” button on my bucket hat.

    Today it really sucks because it has intruded into my dear friend’s old age.  Other times it sucks because I see it affecting the young, and causing suffering.

    Other times I don’t give it a thought at all, all day, all week, all month.

    For that I am grateful today, even as I feel a bit sad.  I didn’t think I had it in me to post today, but as always, to write is a blessing to me.

    Thanks for reading.

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