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  • 2010 December 16
    From the daily archives: Thursday, December 16, 2010

    I am going to see a surgeon tomorrow.

    No, no catastrophes, just some funny shooting sensations in my right breast, the one I have left. The one I chose to keep, a decision I have not regretted until now. Now I’m just wondering.

    I detest surgery, and I don’t want to wonder what could be hiding in my remaining breast, which is as dense as the other one was, the one that blossomed into a fiery inflamed breast in a matter of weeks. Did I make a mistake not having a double? I’ve been so glad these nearly four years that I still have one.

    Tomorrow I will discuss this with a surgeon, one I have never met. I had to switch insurance carriers after I went through treatment, because I lost my job. If it was my other surgeon, Dr. Metkus, I would not be afraid of the knife at all. I trust her. Tomorrow will tell if I trust the next one.

    I guess if I decide that more surgery is a good idea, I will make sure I feel good about the doc or I will seek until I find one I feel great about. Maybe the doc I see tomorrow will be able to reassure me that there are ways to make sure nothing takes me by surprise. That would be the best news!

    Or, maybe I will have another mastectomy, and emerge for the first time in my adult life not needing to wear a bra!

    Hey, there is a plus to just about everything if you look hard enough…

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