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  • 2011 January 15
    From the daily archives: Saturday, January 15, 2011

    It happens all the time. I follow a link, to another link, and another, and get drawn in to a woman’s story. I laugh and cry with her until the posts end. Sometimes I know what happens, sometimes I don’t. So many women with IBC who I will never meet, who have touched me deeply.

    The story I was reading at this late hour was of a woman diagnosed with Stage IIIB triple negative IBC. Her treatments started in May of 2009. She was likely set up for a protocol similar to mine. In December of 2009 she was finally having surgery. Her first chemotherapies were unsuccessful. The tumor grew. It hurt. The chemo made her very sick. I was so sad.

    I found some good news later, a good path report after surgery. After 2009 I did not find any more entries.

    Did she get tired of blogging, or did she leave us? I’ll never know.
    She said in one post that she had taken a break from her blog because cancer was becoming what defined her life, and she wanted to remember that she was herself, not cancer.

    I pray tonight that her silence is the silence of one who has picked up her life where she left off. I hope….

    I picked up this image from one of her entries. I’ll call her IBC sister in my heart and wish her well. I hope she won.

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