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  • 2011 July 27
    From the daily archives: Wednesday, July 27, 2011

    It’s a good line though, and sort of true!

    But mixed in with the gardening for sanity is the hard work for my family’s benefit, and supporting a friend through her cancer treatment. She was diagnosed in June and was not insured. I just posted about what insurance gets you at my blog at Everyday Health.

    My boy has been away at wilderness camp, and being a champ. We’ve had quite a lot going on around here.

    Life gets fast, and it has been, very much indeed. I got my wish. Some days I don’t think about cancer at all, or wouldn’t if I didn’t have so many wonderful friends on the blogosphere to keep track of.

    Tomorrow I am headed out backpacking with my dear friend Susan, her brother, another friend I haven’t met yet, and my Godson.

    Now I’m gone fishin’!

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