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  • 2011 September 08
    From the daily archives: Thursday, September 8, 2011

    The small bullet was the sinus infection. That’s a little bullet. The thing is, feeling rotten always makes me anxious. Sinus infections feel rotten, so I’m really glad the sinus rinses Sudafed and sleep did their job.

    Thinking of dodging bullets calls to mind the enormous one I dodged nearly five years ago. I am thrilled that people who are just now facing the same diagnosis I did are finding me here! I remember when I was sick with chemo, bald, discouraged, trying to keep my chin up and I would see someone who had been there and took the time to talk to me. It felt so great to see a woman healthy looking and strong, with a nice head of hair, on the other side! My diagnosis was tough, so if she told me that hers was too I felt even better. At that time I couldn’t imagine what my life would look like now, only that I would do whatever it took to stick around and find out.

    This weekend I am focused on a few assignments, so not much rest for the next few days. I have a writing deadline on Monday, and a new job focus at the hospital. We are starting an outpatient pain clinic for pediatric patients, and I am the primary therapist. We start from scratch on Monday, woo-hoo!

    To bed, and a busy few days coming..

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