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  • 2011 December 04
    From the daily archives: Sunday, December 4, 2011

    Now the kids are putting the lights on the tree, with Christmas carols in the background. Cool!

    On Thursday night, we were at the ER with my son, who evidently could have had appendicitis. He had been throwing up for four days straight, and the docs were worried. When they told me to bring him in, I was worried too! It was a long night of IV fluids with anti-nausea meds, blood tests, poking and prodding, and preparing for a CT scan that fortunately was not needed. Phew! Anyway, the crisis has passed, and I am hoping that we can enter the season of holiday madness with some calm.

    I have lightened up my schedule a bit, as I said I would. I gave up one part time job that took me away from my children in the afternoons, so I feel easier going into the holiday season.

    My daughter just spilled sprinkles from the gingerbread house all over the floor. In text language, gtg!

    Life is good. Appreciating it especially since I’ve lightened my load, and superstitiously thinking that we’ve had enough excitement for a few months. Thinking tonight of my IBC sisters who are fighting, wishing them peace and sweet times with their wonderful families.

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