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  • 2012 January 17
    From the daily archives: Tuesday, January 17, 2012

    Turning 50 was rather cool.

    I was diagnosed at 45, so getting to 50 was a double milestone. I am one month away from that magic number, five years from diagnosis.

    The truth is that breast cancer can and does recur after five years. It just doesn’t happen as often. I also read recently that late recurrences have a better prognosis than earlier ones. It’s all good. After having a bunch of tests done and coming back normal, I am breathing a great sigh of satisfaction and relief. I didn’t really understand how much I had been putting on hold.

    One thing I am amused by is that suddenly I am not in denial about being in menopause. It was as if some tiny part of my mind thought that maybe my period would come back! Now that I am at the age when my mom had hers, I can go right ahead and have a midlife crisis. I’m having fun with mine.

    First, I went with my daughter to get her contact lenses and decided that it was time for me as well. So, last Thursday I saw my own eyes right up close for the first time in twenty years. Cool! Right along with that I got to see the wrinkles and dark circles that my funky blue eyeglass frames were hiding. Hmmmm. Then there were the gray hairs…

    Yesterday I went to Lady Foot Locker and bought myself a really good pair of running shoes. I was feeling nostalgic for the good ol’ days, when I lived in Seattle and ran Greenlake regularly. I have very fond memories of runner’s high. I surprised the sales guy by asking him, “which shoe would you put your mom in?” It was a great question and I got a clear answer, so I went out and ran in them this morning and it felt great.

    If 50 is the new 30 (really?) then it’s downhill from here. One advantage to having so many tests and scans is that I have seen with my own eyes that I have wear and tear on my hips and low back. My doctor says that it would be strange not to have these things at my age.

    So I’m an old fart. That’s ok. Beats the alternative, it’s true. All the same, I’d like to slow it down a wee bit.

    Spring’s comin’!

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