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  • 2012 February 04
    From the daily archives: Saturday, February 4, 2012

    Many of us in the cancer blogosphere are uneasily waiting.

    We haven’t heard a peep from Susan Neibur of Toddler Planet. She was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer in 2007, and her road has been far more difficult than mine. It may be coming to an end. I can’t bear the thought. Her last post was before the hospice people came, on January 22. I hope against hope, waiting to hear that she’s rallied, she’s back in her chair with her little boys cozying up and making her laugh.

    Despite getting knocked down by recurrences over and over, Susan has been a scrapper in the world of advocacy, what a dear friend of mine would call a She-ro. She’s my hero, and if she leaves the planet I’ll call her my angel. She’s been an inspiration to me for as long as I’ve had the privilege to know her, which hasn’t been long enough. I’m profoundly grateful that I got to meet her face to face in D.C. last year, and actually hug her.

    Sending hugs and prayers Susan, waiting with hope to hear that you’re all right.

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