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    Thanks all who took my survey, thank you thank you!

    I have been noodling over the book, and got bogged down in how long it got. I put that one on the back burner, and what wants to be on the front burner is this one:

    Vitality from the Inside Out: 9 steps to personal congruence

    Why congruence? Because this is what I instinctively did when I received my diagnosis in 2007. I knew that I had to get 100% of me behind staying alive and thriving past my diagnosis. I wanted to raise my children. I knew that only a life that I was really excited about would be worth the fight I had in front of me. So, I set out to heal my whole life. I was seeking congruence.

    This is a word that’s been at the heart of my value system for a long, long time. It feels great to name it and look at the future through that lens. This first e-book will get my toes in the waters of e-book and internet land. Then, I’ll write some more.

    I have a few titles in mind to help my sisters who are entering Planet Cancer, and for their families. I wish I could snap my fingers and write them all at once, and have them ready tomorrow!

    My son made a powerful observation about Maurice Sendak and Dr. Seuss. I commented that both of these children’s authors lived long, productive lives. My boy quipped, “that’s because their lives were full of peace and purpose”. What a kid. Pretty world smart for a boy of nearly 15.

    Peace and purpose is what a congruent life looks like.

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    I am working on an e-book, with the needs of the newly diagnosed in mind. Will you help me come up with the right stuff?

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    Oh Joy!

    I can now approach my comments without terror, no longer having to sift through miles of spam to get to what my readers are really saying! Wow!

    I confess, I am a computer moron. I am a dinosaur from another era, from the generation where there were geeks (who later went on to earn insane amounts of money) and the rest of us. In high school I remember being told by one of these geeks that the day would come when I would swipe a card at the grocery store and the funds would come from my bank account right then and there. I scoffed.

    Now, we all have to use the computer or flail helplessly in the modern world. Facebook overwhelms me. Trying to set up a captcha made me want to take a nap.

    Enter Strata…my computer goddess to the rescue!

    Now I can do what I do, because she does what she does and will teach me how to keep it going. With my creative sparks free to fly, released from their technological drudgery and confusion, I can create this site to be what I want it to be.



    Last night I had the most GLORIOUS sleep. I went to bed, read a little of something sort of interesting but not important or fast paced, and then my head hit the pillow. The next thing I knew it was morning, and I woke up right before my alarm.

    I can’t think of the last time that happened.

    I’ve heard that cancer survivors can have difficulty sleeping. I also know that menopause does that to people. Worry certainly does that to people, and I’ve been doing that.

    Last night some sort of magic happened, and I slept soundly and peacefully. Today it was a whole new world.

    Do you have any magic formula for reproducing this miracle? I’m all ears! Please share your sleep tricks in the comments below. I’m sure there has to be one or two that I haven’t heard yet!

    I sure hope I can repeat this miraculous feat tonight. I had a wonderfully productive day.

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