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  • 2012 May 05
    From the daily archives: Saturday, May 5, 2012

    Oh Joy!

    I can now approach my comments without terror, no longer having to sift through miles of spam to get to what my readers are really saying! Wow!

    I confess, I am a computer moron. I am a dinosaur from another era, from the generation where there were geeks (who later went on to earn insane amounts of money) and the rest of us. In high school I remember being told by one of these geeks that the day would come when I would swipe a card at the grocery store and the funds would come from my bank account right then and there. I scoffed.

    Now, we all have to use the computer or flail helplessly in the modern world. Facebook overwhelms me. Trying to set up a captcha made me want to take a nap.

    Enter Strata…my computer goddess to the rescue!

    Now I can do what I do, because she does what she does and will teach me how to keep it going. With my creative sparks free to fly, released from their technological drudgery and confusion, I can create this site to be what I want it to be.


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