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  • 2012 August 17
    From the daily archives: Friday, August 17, 2012

    Tomorrow is the audition workshop for the next eTc Mainstage show, Narnia.

    Five years ago, skinny and rockin’ the Annie Lennox look (super short hair), I worked out my angst on stage singing amazing music, turning little kids into stone, and cackling madly. A week from tomorrow I will audition to reprise my breakout role as the White Witch of Narnia. I can’t wait!

    The last time I played the White Witch, I was scrawny and exhausted from radiation treatments. It was still an absolute gas. My daughter will accuse me of being cocky, but I’m confident that I’ve got a pretty straight shot to do it again. This time I am not scrawny (alas, I could be a little scrawnier!) and I am tired from momming and working, but it’s a nicer kind of tired. I can work with this kind of tired. Pacing can be done!

    Time to choose a song and a monologue…

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