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  • 2013 August 18
    From the daily archives: Sunday, August 18, 2013

    I got a note from a reader that one of my links was broken.  I had a feeling, and I resisted figuring it out.  Why?

    Because several of my links are blogs, and the authors are gone.  Some links still take readers to their websites, but the posts are old.  I just checked my friend Donna’s site.  A sweet message from her husband, about how much he misses her.  I miss her too.

    Following up on some other blogs, I notice that many of us sort of disappear after we get through the ordeal.  That is, unless it isn’t over. Some of us fight cancer once, and we go one with our lives.  We don’t like looking back, for the most part.  I told myself I wouldn’t disappear, but I do sometimes, for weeks or months at a time.  It’s to be expected.  Life stops being about cancer, and that’s what we fought for, yes?

    And, I remember my friends.  Rachel at the Cancer Culture Chronicles.  Gone.  Susan at Toddler Planet.  I just made a donation recently to the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation in her name.  That organization is run by a 20+ year survivor, who says simply, “I figure I’m still on this side of the grass, so I need to do what I can”.  I feel that way too.

    My friend in New Zealand, gone.  She and Susan died last summer, within days of each other.

    It can be hard to keep showing up here in cyberspace, when life is all about enjoying it.  Simple, but true.  My teenagers are both taller than I am, and that was the future I prayed for when I was fighting in 2007.  Life is good.  I figure, I have been given the gift, and my job is to be happy.  That’s what the Dalai Lama says, and I agree.

    My job is to be happy, and remember my sisters who have left.  I appreciate every moment I have, so much.  I got to see my kids grow up.  I am blessed indeed.

    If you have found this blog, please don’t take the silence in cyberspace for lack of survivors.  We are here.  We’re just kinda quiet, despite our best intentions to stay visible.  It’s been six years now for me.

    Thanks Olivia, for letting me know I had some housekeeping to do.  Nice to be here.  Really, so great.



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