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    This page is a work in progress for the moment, my attempt to organize all my writing according to topic.  I have blog posts from here, as well as a number of Yahoo articles that I published as a Featured Contributor in Alternative Health in the now defunct Yahoo Voices website.  I was sad when Yahoo shut it down, but thrilled to get all the articles I wrote back!  So, over the next few weeks and months, I will slowly organize it all (oy!).  I do sometimes include links to other people’s work as well.

    While most of these articles can be found under “Categories” not all of those posts are of practical use.  Some of them are musings, and while they may be nice to read, you may be looking for more specific information.  Some of them are sad.  I skip those here.

    I am attempting to arrange it alphabetically here.  I am also figuring out how to integrate the Yahoo material.  For now I am periodically adding them on as posts, so they can be accessed easily here on the website.

    If there is a topic you need information  on right away, leave a comment and I will put it in the front of the queue.  I want you to be able to find whatever you need.


    Care for the Soul

    Awol in Sedona, 2008


    Inflammatory Breast Cancer

    Good News if You Have Inflammatory Breast Cancer



    Rants and Snarks

    Anna’s super snark on Pink Town


    Recurrence, Fear of Recurrence

    A Recurrence Does Not Mean You Have Failed. 


    Self Care As Spiritual Practice

    Whose Life is it Anyway?



    The Statistics Trap



    Mastectomy On My Mind

    Why I Will Not Reconstruct



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