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    After I went through cancer treatment, I found myself frequently walking through the journey with others.  It is deeply satisfying to me to offer support, encouragement, information, resources, and healing to ease the discomforts of treatment.  I finally decided that if I actually allow myself to be paid to do this I get to do it more, instead of having to squeeze in just a little on top of my already very full work life.  It is my honor to support others who are facing cancer.

    If you would like some help and healing navigating this tough road, you can schedule a healing session with me.  We’ll talk for an hour about whatever your concerns are, I’ll answer questions, help you manage the stress and anxiety that is part of the diagnosis, and provide energy healing.  Reiki is powerful energy, and I can send it anywhere.

    I offer sessions for cancer patients and caregivers for $90.00 per session, which is $59.00 less than my other healing sessions.  You can purchase a session here, and when I am notified of the purchase I will contact you to set up the appointment.

    One hour cancer support and healing session, $ 90.00:


    If you have questions or want to find out about other programs, you can email me at elizabethdanu@gmail.com.  I’d love to hear from you.






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