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    I’d love to hear from you!

    You can email me at elizabethdanu@gmail.com, or post a comment here.  Sometimes it takes me awhile to moderate comments, because I get ‘way too much spam!  It’s amazing how much gets past the spam filters.

    So, I have changed my settings so that only registered users can leave comments.  I’m not trying to make anyone jump through hoops, I just want to be able to face my comment thread without wanting to take a nap and avoid the whole thing!  My goal with this site is to offer resources and support to people who need it.




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    1. Joanna Moore says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      I have IBC as well and I really appreciate your blog. I was diagnosed in April of 2008 and my treatment scenario is mostly similar to yours except that I will have Herceptin indefinitely and right now I have Tykerb as well. I like your idea of your checklist. It sounds like your life is very successful post-IBC. I am so glad you are spreading the word about IBC.


    2. Susam says:

      Yes, we must end cancer and I am glad we have a deadline. After surviving breast cancer two times after chemo, radiation and then a bilateral mastectomy, it has been horrible to watch two family members die of metastatic cancer. My best friend has triple negative breast cancer with mets, and I wish we could find a cure sooner since her timeline is more like 2014, although I don’t like to put expiration date labels on anyone. Pink isn’t what you see when you watch someone dying. Black is more like it

    3. Auntie says:

      Beth – I just wanted to tell you how wonderful this site is – how proud I am of all you have survived – - much of which many don’t even know! And above all you know I love you – - you are an inspiration to so many and blessing to so many……especially to me! I love you to pieces
      God Bless you honey

    4. Darlene says:

      Yes you have survived so much – and people might be amazed at what you survived – at a much younger age than many may know! You – are a wonderful survivor with your doctorate! I love you to pieces
      always and forever
      your Auntie

    5. Julie says:

      Hi Elizabeth!
      My mother just finished treatment for IBC a couple of weeks ago. After her first treatment(chemo, mastectomy), she found out it had spread to the other side. She didn’t have time to proceed to radiation, so the whole process began again. I cannot even imagine how tough the last year or so has been for her. But thankfully it’s behind her now, and sooo glad I found this website! It is informative, encouraging, helpful, and inspiring! I certainly will tell her about your site, and ask if you know of any other ways to get support for an IBC survivor. It would be much appreciated, Elizabeth!

    6. Eva Mahoney says:

      Hi…You have an awesome blog here. Thanks so much for sharing. I had invasive lobular carcinoma (breast cancer). I just had my bi-lateral mastectomy on 8/10 and will start radiation this week. I had my chemo treatments first because my tumor was so large (10 cm). So grateful that part is over. Anyway…I would love it if you take a look at my blog. Would love more readers. Thanks and God Bless.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Hang in there Eva, what’s cool about chemo first is that you get to watch the darn thing shrink! Mine was 11 cm so even big monsters will go away. Glad you’re through the worst of it.

    7. ainghiadn says:

      Hi Elizabeth,
      I’d like your blog so much, especially some book you introduce, but I ca not buy it in VietNam, I have some book about Lance Amstrong, a girl in China (Sun flower)…, it help s me so much. This time, I study English, I would like you help me improve my English, do you mind to help me?

    8. Sheima says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      I read your blog and it was quite interesting… I realized that I was one of those persons who just buy something with a pink ribbon on it in thinking I am possibly helping someone out but not actually researching where the proceedings are going.

      I had a question to ask of you that I will email and hope that you might be able to help me out…

      Thank you

    9. Jerrie Mitchell says:

      I was diagnosed with IBC 10/20/11. Having the biopsy done 10/24/11. I have been a nurse for 21 years and had never heard of IBC. Only one nuse I work with had heard of it because her mother had died from IBC. I am glad I happened upon your site. Thank You.

    10. Kelsey says:

      Hi Elizabeth, My mom was diagnosed with IBC in March 2011 and just finished radiation this month. It’s been really hard to find survivors to talk to about all the trials of IBC. In your years of blogging, have you run into a survivor who was HER-, ER+, PR+? We sure would like to talk to a survivor who is HER-. Thanks so much for your blog!

    11. K. Kashar says:

      I just read your article about the attack on women’s health care in general. 100% correct! These crackpots have got to go. Do you think they’ve finally gotten to the stage where they’r shooting themselves in the foot? They obviously have with me, but i’m thinking about in the eyes of the general public. There are well-balanced conservative people, although you might not know it to read the papers. I hope to God they wake up in time to help keep the nuts ffom sinking he country.

    12. Rose Huerta says:

      Our very dear friends are going through a very tough time.
      Donna is a Breast Cancer survivor (2years) and her husband has cancer of the bladder (removed) , stomach and a penal tumor. They are very private people and in need of help with house cleaning. they are both in theier 80′s and normally very active, but thisis taking a toll on them. Especially Donna…she is the main care giver and trying to make doctor appointments and clean and run errands all while trying to be there for her husband as he is in a quite a bit of pain at this time. Is there a service in San Jose, California that could assist in this task?
      Thank you for any advice you can give us.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Have you contacted Cleaning for A Reason? The link is under “resources”. Also, as I discovered during my own journey, asking for help is the only way to get through it. It’s just too hard alone. Sometimes all it takes is to put out the call, which you can do for them if they are willing. Is there a church community they are a part of to help? If they are normally private, there may be lots of people who would love to help but don’t even know there is a need. I know that Cleaning for A Reason will help, but there is often a long waiting list. The quickest and best will be to tap into community. You could also set up some kind of fundraiser to pay for a cleaning service. When I was sick, my mom gifted me with a cleaning lady and it made all the difference. I hope this helps. Blessings, Elizabeth

    13. Auntie says:

      Hi my darling girl – so glad you got the colonoscopy! With my sister, and gramma’ having it and a cousin —- too much in our family. Carlyle at 40 took the high road and got one and guess what – he had polyps. The doctor said, “good think you came in early – another 10 years if you had waited til 50, and we would have been looking at cancer. So now he is on the five year program. I am too – only because of my sis. PTL no polyps. BUT your cousin refuses to go in until Nov. when she turn 50 – - – so ya’ know I’m sending this to her. I hope and pray that this post of yours makes others go in sooner rather than later. IT IS SO SO PREVENTABLE! I LOVE YOU TO PIECES!

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