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    Have you ever done a “cancer prevention” search?

    Just trying to keep up with the stuff that shows up in the mainstream media is overwhelming. I have forgotten more than I have retained, although I manage a few key points (going for a walk in a minute).

    I also think that I should not be the only one who has to keep track of it. One take-away that I got from the last conference I attended was that businesses need to be more accountable for the substances that go into our environment, before they are allowed to do it! This was my topic at Everyday Health this week.

    I am annoyed that my cancer prevention efforts have so much to do with preventing toxic junk from getting to me. Air and water filters should not be necessary, neither should spending extra money on groceries that are not toxic. There is so much information out there that I give up and just let it all run through my sieve brain and hope for the best.

    Now, for some exercise which I know will help me!

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