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    Here’s some bad poetry to celebrate the pause after the madness:

    ‘Tis the day after Christmas, and now I can rest.
    The hoopla is over, and I’ve done my best.

    ‘Twas joyful and happy, my family’s content
    Now that it’s over, myself, I am spent!

    The world, it went on while the holidays roared
    my children concerned with the stuff they have scored.

    The season has hijacked commitments and causes.
    I now am glad for the end of these pauses.

    My blogs are neglected, my house is a mess
    farewell has been said to the family and guests.

    My friends fighting cancer are breaking my heart.
    2012 a new year of advocacy will start.

    Soon another year comes, a new chance to give
    every sweet day a new chance to live.

    Soon five years will have passed since they named my disease,
    now I move forward with e’er greater ease.

    A new year is coming, may this be the best!
    For you and for yours, may we all get some rest!

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