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    It’s started…

    My son is down for the count, miserable with a cold of the snuffly, coughing, headachy, flat variety.

    Last week I had a day when I just felt as if a truck had run over me, for no identifiable reason. I think I’ve decided that we both were exposed, he incubated it and got mightily sick, and I am fighting it in this weird no-woman’s land of immune wars. This happens to me sometimes. I’ll battle a bug for a week or two, not get really sick but not feel well, and eventually I win. Or not. It depends partly on luck, and if I’m lucky, my pre-emptive strikes will be effective.

    Many years ago, when I was teaching at the massage therapy school, one of my colleagues commented at the end of the teaching day that she was canceling her clients and going to bed. At the first sign of a cold or flu, this is what she did. No delays, no bombardment with supplements and home remedies, just STOP amd REST.

    “When I feel sick I go to bed”, said she. She reported that it seldom, if ever took more than a day. Many times she averted the bug completely.

    I am not that adept. Usually the first sign of a bug (feeling very tired) is greeted by me with resistance. It is not until later, when the cold is closing in, that I remember that feeling and that I should have stopped and gone to bed! Right now I am paying attention. My boy is hacking away, my muscles ache but I can still breathe, so I am going to bed and feeling grateful that tomorrow is a low pressure day. Today I did a whole lotta nothing so I’m hoping tomorrow I will feel much better.

    Of course I still have my other tricks too. Emergen-C, Zicam, honey and lemon, etc., all are good and I will dose with all of them, but sleep trumps them all!

    Off to bed, hoping for the best.

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